Hard Money: Competitive. Flexible. And flipping fast.

Hello. We’re hifi. We’re specialists in hard money loans for real estate investors here in Dallas – Fort Worth. Why are we the best hard money lender? Because we’re dedicated to making investment funding faster, simpler and better for you.

Why do they call it hard money, anyway?

Hard money is a fast, simple, short-term loan designed for real-estate investors in the flipping world. So comparatively speaking, a hifi hard money loan works a lot like cold hard cash.

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Build your real estate business. Fast.

We work hard to tailor your loan terms so that you can increase your purchasing power and scale your business to new heights.

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Applying for a hifi hard money loan is fast and easy. And you can do it all online – right here, right now.

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Oh yeah? Says who?

“From beginning to end, our experience with HiFi Hard Money* has been great. I would definitely do more deals with them. They were helpful, insightful, knowledgeable, and willing to do whatever they could to help make things work for us.”
* Formerly Lone Star Hard Money
Dallon Smith Investor
“Lone Star Hard Money has been the best hard money experience I've ever had! They closed my deal fast without unnecessary upfront fees. They were honest about the fees they charged and really put the deal together to help me to have a successful flip."
* Formerly Lone Star Hard Money
Lashanda Johnson Investor

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